Here is what the media is saying:

" . . . a smokeless high . . . it's the Holy Grail of healthy cannabis . . . this is the real deal. . ."


"Perfect for medicinal use"


". . . an efficient and simple way to make capsules containing THC . . ."


Here is what people are saying about the Cannabrex Home Encapsulation System:

"I'm a 27 year old male that was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease at age 20, after having experienced symptoms for more than a year prior. These symptoms include uncontrollable bowel urgency, painful stomach cramps, fistulae, skin problems, weakened immunity, severe weight loss and dehydration. Unfortunately, I also experience pulmonary complications (which were resolved thankfully) as a result of a sulfazine drug I was prescribed, so although cannabis provides great medical relief from my Crohn's symptoms, smoking is not really the optimal method of comsumption for me.

I'm grateful that I live in a state where patients like myself have legal access to edible forms of cannabis from co-ops in compliance with proposition 215. Unfortunately, as a Crohn's patient, I am extremely limited in the foods I can eat. Many readily available obtainable edibles like brownies and cookies contain excessive sugar, fats, and other things I simply cannot eat - like nuts and raisins. Teas are too acidic and tinctures usually contain alcohol (which I also cannot tolerate). Cannabrex has continually been my preferred way of medicating, and I personally use a nice hash that will melt nicely as my thc source. The capsules made with the Cannabrex kit typically provide complete relief of cramping and bowel urgency, and I plan to continue to use this great form of medication.

Thanks Peter and everybody else at Cannabrex! ".

Los Angeles, California, United States

"My wife suffers from failed back surgery syndrome (she's had three fusions and one hardware removal). At one point she was on the fentanyl patch, 100 mcg, plus 10 mg hydrocodone (360 monthly), muscle relaxers and antidpressants and still in constant pain. It took three years of experimenting before I found that oral mmj in very low doses worked for her--she absolutely hates the side effects or "high" of marijuana. I baked some brownies and that worked, but the dose was unpredictable. Cannabrex gave us the dose accuracy and adjustability we sought. She is now on a 75 mcg fentanyl patch and uses few of the 5mg hydrocodone and even fewer muscle relaxers. The anti-depressants are gone. She's also working again for more than year now. Thanks ".

Houston, Texas, United States

". . . My husband Jim was diagnosed with a stage 4 brain tumor in July 2003. Jim was on a highly toxic chemotherapy regime for over a year and although it has prolonged his life it has left him with ongoing issues. Without the use of cannabis he would be in debilitating and chronic stomach pain. Nothing else has come close to taking the pain away. Being able to get relief in pill form through the use of the Cannabrex has made his life so much easier. There are times and situations where that is the only way he can safely and politely alleviate his pain. Being able to just pop a pill makes all the difference. Although California seems to be friendly to medical users, especially those with prescriptions which my husband has, there are other states where the climate is not so accommodating. On a trip to Philadelphia Jim was approached by two policemen and had to show them all his certification and his brain tumor scare to prove to them that he was in fact allowed to smoke. They informed him that Pennsylvania is not user friendly and they took all of the remaining cannabis that he had for our trip. How much better and safer it would have been to have the medicine in pill form and not have to go through all of the hassle he endured. It was not long after that experience that we read about Cannabrex and ordered some. What a difference it has made. Even Jim's oncology doctors were interested in finding out more about Cannabrex for their patients. We are very thankful for your product. It is a godsend for us. Keep up the good work. Thank you ".

Valerie Pizzio
Sonoma, California, United States

". . . my dad has taken several pills since we made them, I'd say at least once a day. He says it relieves the extreme pain he feels from his Trigeminal Neuralgia. . . .hey thanks for this oppurtunity, it has made life much easier and the pain related with having to smoke is completely eliminated. this is something we will definitely continue to do.  thank-you ".

Kiva, daughter of Charlie, who suffers from Multiple Sclerosis
Montreal, Canada

". . .I just want to thank you for providing a life saving method of ingesting my herb of choice, I was able to get off the plethera of pain killers I'm currently on, get out of the house. I had a splended week, I got out & got some sushi with my sister, I even got to play & run around with my little nephew, which I've been too tired to do as of late. An absolute lifesaver, thank you from the bottom of my heart. . ."

S.P., Lung cancer patient
Virginia, USA

". . . I have to say that this is what I have been looking for for the last 3 years. All the cash I spent on things and nothing worked. These work great.. Thank you Cannabrex. Its what I always wanted and way easier then I expected".

Sonny, age 31
United States

". . . I'm impressed! These work way better for me than smoking or making any kind of cannabis treats. My back pain is completely gone and I don't feel like crashing out on the couch and going to sleep! I'm ordering a refill soon. This 3x formula is great!".

United States

"…I was very favourably impressed. I had…a gradually increasing sense of relaxation and well-being. What really impressed me was the duration of the effect... …without any of the incapacitating grogginess I usually associate with eating butter or baked goods… I still found myself quite functional. …it seems to me it has enormous potential for regular med users who are looking for a steady dose of cannabis without all the hassle and side effects of smoking. For those of you wondering about potential side effects, I experienced none. I would say that stomach upset is not likely to be a problem. …this clever little invention … is going to change the lives of a few med users and might even have it's own little role to play in the increasing acceptance of marijuana as an approved medical substance. peace and good health . . ."

Gatineau , QC

". . . Excellent, long-lasting effect and my mouth does not feel like a garbage can as it does when I smoke. I can continue all my usual activities and I don’t “lose my legs” as sometimes happens when I smoke. We are recommending the product to our friends who are fighting serious illnesses and who are in chemotherapy and are fighting side effects such as pain and nausea. Very nice product. Looking forward to trying the new additions to your inventory".

65 year old
Eastern Ontario, Canada

“At kine2b we believe the pharmacological activity as well as the non-existant gastrointestinal side effects make Cannabrex Nutraceuticals a "must" in any medical cannabis provider's pharmacopia".tom san francisco .".

Tom, medical cannabis provider at KINE2B
San Francisco, United states

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